Monday, January 23, 2017

Sasha Kiltie

I have admired Sasha dolls for many years.   I have bid on several on ebay and was always outbid.   So I would watch auctions, and hope that one day my turn to win would come along.  And it did!

My all time favorite is Sasha Kiltie, which is a Limited Edition doll made in 1983 and has a human hair wig.  I was browsing ebay while I waited for my first dolly purchase of the year to arrive.  I ran across an auction for a Kiltie and put it in my watch list.  A few days later I decided to check on the auction.  There was only two minutes left and no one had bid!  So I did and I won!   I actually got her for a good price too!
I was told that dolls with human hair need washing and conditioning once in awhile, so I did it and then conditioned it a second time.  It sure did make a huge difference.  Her hair was nice, but did feel a little dry, but not anymore.
I used products for people because she has human hair.  See how pretty it turned out? 
She is in perfect condition, all except the bottom of one shoe has a bit of peeling.  Nothing too serious.   I love her and my granddaughter does too.   You can't see her necklace in this photo, but it's an Amethyst, which is my birthstone.  So I'm declaring this girl as my birthday doll for 2017. 

So far, we have been calling her Kiltie, but wondering if I should give her another name.  If you have any suggestions, please share them with me.  I would like for it to begin with a "K." 

How are things going in your dolly world?   I'm pretty amazed that I have made three blog posts today!  LOL!  



Serenata said...

Congratulations Bama, she is stunning and I am so pleased for you. Good luck with choosing a name, I struggle at times, and other times the name comes immediately!

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Lorraine! I knew you would approve. Glad to know someone with so much knowledge about these sweet dolls. :o)

Angela said...

Your new Sasha is gorgeous! I didn't realize they made one with human hair! I found my first Sasha (a baby) at a thrift store last year, and then bought a big sister for him at local doll show soon thereafter. My Sasha is a honey blonde girl from the 80's, and I named her Pippa. I still only have the two dolls, but I've heard that collecting Sashas can become quite addictive, so be careful!

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Angela! There are at least three limited edition Sasha dolls with human hair. Kiltie (strawberry blonde, light red hair), Fair Hair Pin Tucks (blonde) and Velvet (brunette). I like them all! :o)
If there are others, I have not come across them yet. Not sure if any of the boys have human hair.
These dolls are very collectible and very popular. I'm trying not to accumulate too many dolls, but I'd love to have the other limited dolls with human hair. But at the same time, it's a lot of fun to have one special one to spoil. :o)