Friday, July 28, 2017

Charlotte ~ An Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

I made a plan earlier this year, but failed to stick with it. I knew exactly what I wanted, but was a little afraid of committing to it.   It was a dream that I wanted to fulfill and have thought about for quite some time.

I have not regretted selling Tibby back to her original owner, but I have yearned for another Izannah doll. I have bought two since then, a little one and a big one, only to quickly resell them. There was nothing wrong with them, but I felt like they were not for me. In the back of my mind, my dream Izannah was waiting to be created for me. I have been selling dolls, clothing & accessories for the past few months and have saved most of it, specifically for this dream doll.
So I decided to contact the artist who made Tibby,  (JAN CONWELL)  and request a custom Izannah doll. She will make custom dolls, but I wanted more than a doll. I wanted a seasonal wardrobe for her as well. I had no idea if I could even afford what I wanted, and in the end, the cost was a lot, but fair. She agreed to make my doll to my specifications! She also agreed to make her dresses and a bonnet. I was thrilled and a little nervous, because I would not get to see the doll until she was finished. I know this artist's work pretty well and I knew I would not be disappointed. I seriously wanted this doll to be the last one I ever bought. I was excited and anxious at the same time.  
As typical for me, my plans did not go entirely as I had planned...

Literally, a couple of days after I placed my order with Jan, I saw a gorgeous Izannah doll on ebay. She was amazing! Sadly, I bid at the last minute with the best bid I could make, but my bid did not even register. It would not have been enough anyway. So that was a little disappointing. The very next week, the same artist listed another one who was just as lovely, but different. I really liked her too, so instead of waiting for the auction to end, I contacted the lady and asked if she would be willing to do a buy it now. She said there were so many watchers that she didn't want to do that, but had another doll ready to list. So she sent me lots of pics to see if I liked her enough to buy her, Of course, I fell in love with her! So I paid the price and waited for her to come home.  Charlotte arrived home on July 8th, 2017.
She was made by Ukraine artist, Tetyana Bronytska.  She is simply amazing! She was expensive, but worth every penny! I'm so happy I did this! Photos do not do her justice at all!
She is so well made and heavy, she can sit by herself, all of her clothing and shoes were made of antique materials, she has been aged to look genuine, she is stuffed with excelsior, but her arms and legs are stuffed with cotton. She even made her some little leather shoes,. She has applied thumbs like the real Izannah dolls and she also has bare feet with toes under her shoes. She is just fantastic.
She came with a red beaded necklace, but I'm not sure what the stone is. It's heavy and not glass. She also came with a handmade stuffed dog and came inside a heavy canvas travel/storage bag. Please indulge me as I share several photos.

After Charlotte arrived, it made me even more excited for my custom Izannah Walker doll to come home.  A few weeks have passed and she is home now.  I could not be more pleased with her!  She is truly a dream come true and deserves a post of her own, so it will be coming in a few days, with lots of photos.  

Izannah Walker's 200th birthday is coming this September 25th.   What a great way for me to celebrate this wonderful Godmother of Doll-making.  



Jan Conwell said...

Your Charlotte is indeed beautiful, and I'm happy you were able to work it out with the artist.

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Jan! I'm happy to have her and Sybil too. I hope to get to post about Sybil very soon. As much as I love Charlotte, Sybil is my dream doll and my favorite, but we won't tell Charlotte! :o)

Tatyana Bronitskaya said...

Hello, I'm glad to see my Charlotte! I'm happy that you have it well

MyFarmhouseBlue said...

Thank you Tatyana!