Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Very Sweet Surprise!

I have been meaning to post about this for weeks now.   I got a package of dolly things from a dear friend.  This sweet little cloth doll was also inside!   She is about 6 inches tall and designed by Jane Davies and produced by her sister, Deb Canham, from the World of Miniature Bears.   What a very sweet and generous gift!  Thank you, Barb! 

I contacted the artist to find out her name, but never got a response.  Every time I looked at her or held her, I kept thinking "Mouse" so now that is her name.   Mouse arrived on New Year's Eve, so it was a very special way to start my New Year.

I love this tiny little marvel of cloth!  She came wearing a pretty Boneka dress and little leather boots.  The dress sleeves seemed a bit too long, so I began trying to find her some new clothes.  Besides, she needed some play clothes.  I always love for my dolls to have extra outfits.  That's a big part of my dolly fun. 
I wouldn't normally post photos of her in her birthday suit, but I thought others might like to see how she was put together.  Her hair is the softest mohair and her face is hand painted.  Isn't she adorable?

I finally found a couple of little dresses to fit, and some shoes too.  Hopefully there will be lots more to come.  

I had not thought too far ahead, but spied this sweet vintage set of dolly furniture for a song on Etsy.  How cold I not get it?  It  includes a bed, a chair, a night stand, a lamp and a toy chest.  I already had the pink rug.  I had been trying to figure out where Mouse's own little space would be.  This furniture fits like it was made for her, so Mouse got her own room.   Problem solved!  Her room is right above Hitty Jane's room. 
She is fitting in nicely and is adored by all of us.  My granddaughter is getting quite attached to her. 

Thank you again, Barb!  You are such a very dear friend!  Being dolly friends makes it even better.

Until next time.......Blessings!


Serenata said...

She is so sweet, at first I thought she had a wooden carved head - it almost looked like wood grain, but then I realised she is all fabric. What a wonderful size. I love her furniture and room as well. Sweet girl indeed.

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Lorraine! She is really a sweet little thing. The furniture was such a surprise. I'm so glad I happened upon it. :o)

AuntLou said...

Sweet, indeed! I want to try my hand at making this type of doll, sometime, so thanks for the "birthday suit" view. :)

natalie jo said...

I love your little dear Mouse and can't imagine a better name for her. Isn't it funny how certain names just seem to be "spoken" to us by our dolls? She seems to have settled in quite well and who wouldn't with such a fine wardrobe and furnished home to cozy up in? Wishing you both the best of adventures!!!

Dolly Blessings said...

Thank you, Natalie Jo! Mouse is a little sweetheart. I was tickled pink to find the set of dolly furniture for her. I hope you will visit me again. :o)

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Aunt Lou! If anyone can make a doll like this, I know you can!
I hope you will share your success with me when you do. :o)

Angela said...

I love this doll! I had never heard of this artist before,so I looked her up. What a treasure I think you have! Cloth and miniature...one of my favorite combinations!

Dolly Blessings said...

Thank you, Angela! This little doll is so sweet, but the real treasure is my sweet friend who sent her to me. :o) I have adopted another one of these dolls a couple of weeks ago. I still need to blog about her. They are the cutest little friends. :o)