Dolly Blessings

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Happy Birthday, Sybil!

It's hard to believe, but Sybil has been here for one year.  So this day will be considered her birthday.


Sybil is such a practical girl   All she wanted for her birthday was a nice apron.  So she got a pretty white apron and one made of blue chambray.  She likes them both.

It's funny how the white one makes her look older and the blue one makes her look more child-like.  she says she will wear the blue one when cleaning or playing.  That's a good idea.  Save the white one for helping to serve Sunday dinner.  

Sybil is getting all my attention today.  I still take such joy in her.  She is a marvel, made by a wonderful artist, who I admire.   This figure of cloth and clay is loved and treasured and always will be.   She is one of my sweetest dolly blessings.  

Blessings to all of you!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Sybil in Spring

Wow, it has been such a long time since I last posted here.  Sorry about that!  Time is flying by, especially when you are busy.  I hope you all are happy and blessed.

I have made quite a few changes this year.  I didn't make any resolutions but made some goals instead.  No rules, just some things I wanted to do.  Lots of dolls have come and gone along the way.  I have tried some new ones and went back to some old ones.  But the ones who always seem to stay here are the ones dearest to me.  So it's all good!

This post is all about Sybil, my Izannah Walker Inspired doll that I commissioned last year.  She arrived July 24, 2017.   She has been here almost a year already!  I truly love this doll.  She is everything I ever wanted in a doll.   I love the subtle aging that really enhances her beauty.  I still marvel at how wonderfully made she is and how special each dress is made....all hand sewn, even the button holes!   I commissioned her to have a dress for each season and I hope to add to that someday.

This is the first time Sybil has worn her Spring dress.  And what a lovely dress it is!   She asked permission to show the decorative hem inside.  It matches the trim at the neckline, waist and sleeves.  Isn't it a nice touch? 
Even though it is Spring here and we have had some warmer weather, we have also had several cold snaps.  Sybil is happy to have a nice hand-knitted shawl on those chilly mornings and evenings.

Have you met Sybils' doll?   Her name is Hitty Sue.  Of course she wanted a Spring dress as well, so I had to find her one.  Sybil is so pleased.

Sybil wanted to take a turn around to show all of her dress and her lovely hair.   She is quite fond of her bonnet as well. 

Now she is ready to scurry off to play with Hitty Sue.  

I'm glad to finally do a little photo shoot of this sweet girl.   She is one of those little blessings that your heart desires, but you really do not believe it will happen until it really does.   It took lots of planning and lots of saving and she was worth it!

Until next time, and I hope it won't be so long.....

Be blessed!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hi!  Sorry it has been so long since I last posted here.  This is a busy time of year for most of us.  I can hardly believe that Christmas Day is only one week away. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our's was especially nice.  I always look at Thanksgiving as the beginning of Christmas.  We always put our tree up on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. 
We bought a new slim tree this year because our older one was just falling apart.  It's a little taller than the old one, but looks very similar.  I do believe the quality of this one is a bit better too.  I opted to use a quilt for the skirt this year instead of a coverlet.  

Due to time restraints and family coming and going, I decided to have Doll's Christmas early while I had time to enjoy it.  All of the dolls got wallpaper for their "shelf rooms."  I'm so glad to finally get this done. 

Sybil's room is small considering her height, but she doesn't mind sitting to play and read.   Maybe one day she will have a big enough room to stand  up in.   Sybil got a lovely ivory hand knitted shawl and an abacus to help her with her schooling.  As you can see from her room she already has plenty of toys.  She is also wearing her Christmas/Winter dress.  
Hitty Jane wanted a new dress form and this Christmas she finally got one.   This one was made from a Gail Wilson kit.  I found it on ebay already made and snagged it for her.  The photo is misleading because it looks too big for her, but it is indeed her size.   This dress form matches the one Hattie has.
For those who may not remember, this is Hattie.   I made her from a Gail Wilson Joel Ellis Doll Kit.  I did everything, except Gail painted the head for me.  One of the hardest crafty things I have ever done, but so worth it.  I was smart enough to order her a ready made dress and dress form when I ordered the kit.   
And last, but not least, Pia & Lexie are getting ready for Christmas.  They are wearing dresses made for Effanbee Patsy.  I got a Patsy Joan awhile back but decided not to keep her, but I saved the dresses because I like them so much.   These little ones continue to make me smile every day.

I will try to come back after New Years Day to show the other doll rooms.  Time is short today and I have lots to get done every day this week.  

Wishing you all Christmas Blessings and a very Happy New Year!