Dolls Who Live Here

I thought it would be nice to introduce the dolls who live with me.  Things seem to change often around here, but my collection has been downsized to my very favorites.  I will list according to who came here first.

1.  Hitty Jane - I bought a carved blank Hitty doll from Gustav Trullet in Argentina.  When she arrived, I sanded her smooth, painted her and antiqued her.  I am not a painter by any means, but I love her.  She is painted very simply and turned out just like I wanted.  She is the typical Hitty size, 6.25 inches.

 2.   Greta - Greta started life as a "Hope" doll made by Robert Raikes.  Another ebay purchase and a great deal.  When she arrived, she came with a wig that felt like broom straw.  The doll is so pretty that she deserved something better.  Instead of buying another wig, I decided to try something I had been thinking about for a long time.  I created her a wig from paper clay, allowed it to cure and then painted it.  It was a lot of steps, but it turned out better than I expected.   This was my first attempt at doing this.   She is 9 inches tall.  I'm very pleased with her.

3.  Little Jenny - This sweet little doll was carved by a special friend, Jenny Anderson, as a gift.  We decided to name her after her creator.  She is amazing and was a wonderful surprise!  One of the sweetest surprises I have ever gotten.  She is 5.25 inches tall.

4.  Hattie - Hattie was made by me from a Gail Wilson Joel Ellis Doll Kit.  Gail painted the head and I made the body.   This was the hardest crafty thing I have ever done!  Lots of instructions and steps, but she was so worth it.  I ordered the dress form and pretty period style dress with a full set of unders already completed.  She is 12 inches tall.

5.  Woody Ann - This doll is a Robert Raikes doll, created for Madame Alexander as the 95th Anniversary of Raggedy Ann.   She came wearing the 95th anniversary dress and had a red yarn wig.  She was already adorable, but I wanted to attempt to make her look like an "all wood" doll.  I removed the yarn wig and created her a wig with paper clay.  I did this much like I did for Anne with an "E."  But this wig was much more involved and took much longer.  She is 8 inches tall.  At first I wasn't sure I liked her, now I can't imagine her any other way.  Her happy face is infectious!

6.  Hitty Button - Hitty Button was made from a resin Half Pint Hitty by Sara Cole.  She is only 2.75 inches tall.  She was a gift from my dear friend, Barb, who bought her as a blank and painted her.  She is quite special and very dear to me.  She has her own special traveling case to keep her safe when we travel.

7.  Rowan - Rowan was a gift from my sweet friend, Michelle.  She is a Madame Alexander Silk Rose Woodkin.  I did a little work to her face to soften the harsh lines around her mouth and lighten the lip color.  I also added the red wig.   She is made of wood, is 8 inches tall and multi-jointed.     I am still amazed that she would give her to me.

8.  Tess - Tess is a kit doll made by Polly Shorrock/Alice Wainwright in the 1950s/60s.  She is 7.5 inches tall.  I got her still in the plastic wrapper, so even though she is vintage, she looks new.   She was an early Christmas gift from my sweet husband.   Her face was already painted, but I enhanced her hair and eyebrows.   I also added metal eye bolts for her joints instead of using the enclosed elastic cord.  Her dress was made by my sweet friend, Cherie.

9.  Hazel - Hazel is a Polly Shorrock/Alice Wainwright doll from the 1940s/50s.  She is another early Christmas gift from my sweet hubby.   She is vintage and was already complete and painted when I received her.  She is 12 inches tall and jointed by metal eye bolts.   She has a carved bun on the back of her head.  Her dress was also made by my sweet friend, Cherie.

10.  Peg - Peg and her rope bed and pouting chair were made from a Gail Wilson Kit.  I purchased the kit on ebay and assembled and painted each piece, except the quilt.   It remains unknown if the quilt will be completed or not.  Peg and her furniture were meant to be toys for Hitty, so she lives in Hitty Jane's room.  Peg is only 2 inches tall. 

11.  Mouse - Mouse is a tiny cloth doll designed by Jane Davies and produced by her sister, Deb Canham of The World of Miniature Bears.  I tried to identify her, but was unable to, so I named her Mouse.  She is 6 inches tall, hand painted and has a mohair wig.  She was a very sweet surprise gift from my precious friend, Barb.

12.  Violet - Violet is a Waldorf Inspired artist doll made by Mamylale of Poland.   A dream doll for me.  She has a needle sculpted face and is 19 inches tall.  She also has a needle sculpted body and stuffed with clean, carded sheep's wool.  Her hair is a hand made mohair weft wig.  The artist even made her leather shoes.  She is pictured in her meet outfit.  When she arrived, I trimmed her hair so she would have bangs.  I'm very happy that the artist approved of her hair cut.  When she made her next doll she gave her bangs and named her after me.  How sweet is that?

13.  Tottie - This little doll came in a small box lot of little dolls.  She was the one I wanted out of the bunch.  She is made of wood, and had a Christmas ornament cord attached to her head.  The first thing I did was remove the cord, patched the hole and dabbed on some paint.  She is only 4 inches tall.  She had one arm on backwards, but I was able to also fix it.  She can even stand on her own.  She is unmarked.

14.  Madelaine - Tiny cloth doll designed by Jane Davies for Boneka.  I have redressed her and trimmed her hair and removed a red bow from the left side.  Her mohair wig was a bit too long and bunched up in the back and the hair was pulled back on one side.  I thought she would look better with her hair in a simpler style.  I like it a lot better now. She is a darling little 6 inch girl.  We are calling her Maddie for short.

15.  Martine -  An antique Swiss Wooden doll.  She is 11.25 inches tall and came to me without arms.  Her gorgeous face was enough to steal my heart.  She is an all wood doll, but lost her arms somewhere along the way.  I made her some arms out of cloth until I could find new arms or have some made for her.  Luckily, I found some arms that will work.  She is very special.

16.  Tildy - Tildy's full name is Matilde.  She is a Waldorf Inspired doll made by Little Jenny Wren.  She is 17 inches tall and completely handmade by Jenny Marshall in Australia.  She is made in the traditional Waldorf style.  Tildy is one of Jenny's "Matilda" dolls and is stuffed with clean, carded sheep's wool.  She has a hand embroidered face and brushed mohair wig.  Her clothing and shoes were also made by Jenny.   I'm so very happy to have this sweet cloth girl.

18.  The Raggedies - At the end of last year, I fell in love with Raggedy Ann all over again.  I had refrained from adding them to my collection until I saw Rennie (on the left).  Vollie in the middle and Annie on the right have joined her.

19.  Lexie - Lexi is a Wichtel doll made by Schildkrot for Rosemarie Muller.  Wichtel is pronounced "Wish -Tell."  She is the Mio sculpt.  I have changed her wig and re-positioned her eyes to look straight instead of to the side.  She is 30cm or just under 12 inches tall.

20.  Pia - Pia is a Wichtel doll handmade one-of-a-kind by Rosemarie Muller.  She is the Krumel sculpt.  I have changed her long brunette wig to this pixie style platinum blonde.  She is 32 cm tall.

21.  Hitty Mae & Hitty Thimble -  These two tiny Hitty dolls were sculpted by Sara Cole.  They are called May Bee Hitty dolls and are only 2.5 inches tall.  I purchased them and painted them as a gift for my granddaughter's 12th birthday.  She got to choose which one she liked best.   She chose the one pictured on the left and named her Hitty Mae.  I kept the other and named her Hitty Thimble.  She got several tiny little accessories as well as a little suitcase to keep her things in.  She also got a lot of tiny furniture to furnish a house space on one of her doll shelves.  

22.  Hitty Sue - This sweet little cloth doll was hand made and hand painted by artist Sue Sizemore. She is 6.25 inches tall and jointed at the shoulders and hips.   She has such a beautiful face.

23.  Sybil - Sybil is a custom dream doll made for me by one of my favorite artists, Jan Conwell.  She is 18 inches tall, hand made and hand painted by the artist.  She never uses molds, so all of her dolls are one-of-a-kind.  She also made her a seasonal wardrobe at my request and made her according to what I asked for.  She is an amazing example of Izannah Walker inspired dolls.


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