Friday, July 29, 2016

Martine Has New Arms!

The search for better arms for Martine is over!   And it didn't take as long as I thought.  I was browsing ebay, and saw one of those resin dolls that are made to look like antique wooden dolls.   It was being sold as a "wooden" doll, but I knew it wasn't.  It was the right size and the arms looked like carved wood.  So yes, I scavenged the dolls arms from the doll.  But no worries, the rest of the doll will not go to waste.   The head will be saved for another project later on and the the body will be turned into a dress form manikin for my granddaughter. 

Once the arms were removed, I had to strip the paint off and repaint them.  It's hard to see in the photos, but the arms have the long carving marks very similar to the rest of her body.   They were also attached in a way that would work with Martine's body.  The elbows are not jointed like originals would be, but that's okay.  I may not ever find another pair that would look and fit better than these.  Yes, I think these resin/faux wood arms will work out just fine.   I'm pleased and I think Martine is as well.

 **My granddaughter is doing better.  The doctor said as long as she is careful the next four weeks, she will not need surgery.  She now has a hard cast and can move around a bit more.  Continued prayers for her are greatly appreciated. 

Today would have been my sweet Mama's 80th birthday.  I'm sure she is having the most wonderful celebration with Jesus and our other family that are in Heaven with her.   I rejoice knowing she is there, but still sad because I love and miss her so very much.  

Have a great weekend and Blessings to everybody!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Miss Bonnet Shorrock

A few weeks ago, I found a little Polly Shorrock doll in a buy-it-now auction.  The price was too good to be true, so I just had to get her.  The auction didn't have very clear photos, but I could see the painted curls around her face, which are my favorite.

This is how she arrived.  The curls are there, but there was something else I have never seen on these dolls.

What in the world?   Was this a hat or bonnet?  Nothing else seemed to make any sense to me, so I decided that this would be a bonnet, hence the name.   I set her aside until I could find the time to fix her up a bit.

Finally things here at home settled down enough for me to tackle the job.  First things first, the old elastic needed to be replaced.  I have used small eye bolts on another Shorrock doll and it worked out great, so this is what I did for Miss Bonnet.
Much better!   I filled the old holes with paper clay.   New holes had to be added in different areas to make the eye bolts connect the limbs in the right places.  Then she got shoes and socks painted on.

Next, I enhanced the "bonnet" that was originally painted on her head.  This was a last minute decision, and I like how it turned out.   The original bonnet was not painted on symmetrically, but I didn't attempt to fix it because I was afraid I'd make it worse.  

Just for a little more decoration and fun, I added dots in a flower pattern on the crown.  

The last thing I did was rub on thinned brown oxide paint to give the wood a nicer tone.   The trick is to wipe on and wipe off quickly in small areas with a damp rag.   I avoided the white dots on her newly defined bonnet.   If you  look at the first photos and then the last, you can see how this gave a better all over finished look.

Now she is ready for a dress and bloomers.  Hopefully I will find something soon or get someone to make them for her.   I will be sure to update this post when that happens.

I hope you all are well.  Blessings to you!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Martine, a Swiss Wooden Girl

I have always loved wooden dolls.   You probably already knew that, right?  Anyway, Swiss Woodens are some of my favorites.  I had a small one a few years ago, who turned out to be a twin to one a friend had.  She eventually adopted her from me.  So that was that and as much as I admired them, I never planned to get another.

Until I saw this face.........

Isn't she gorgeous!?!   I tried to resist for as long as I could.  She is perfect, except for one, not-so-small detail....she is missing her arms.  Her price was really good, considering.  And even though she was not a complete doll, I finally hit that buy-it-now button and soon she was home.

She seemed to whisper her name to me even before I made the decision to get her.   Martine...  Martine...  Martine.   I even dreamed about her!  I love that she has lighter hair and blue eyes.  Her carved hair is amazing!   Her face so sweet.  Those missing arms have become less important.  But I made her some arms out of cloth to suffice until maybe one day we find some wooden arms for her, or have some carved for her.   I think she is happy just to have arms again, even if they are not wood and very plain.

 Her legs are jointed at the knee.  I'm sure her arms were jointed at the elbows back when she had arms.   We will never know how long Martine has been missing her original arms.   I have to wonder why her arms were not saved?   Misplaced, perhaps?   She is 11.25 inches tall.  This is the first larger child doll I have ever seen in person.  I love the smaller size dolls like this, but I like her size too. 

Here are a couple of pics showing more of her wonderful carved hair.  You can see that her head is darker than the rest of her body.  It was exposed to light and has darkened a bit, but the rest of her was protected by her clothing.

I'm still going through my doll clothes to see if I have some things that she can wear.  Her original clothes are a little threadbare.  The purple floral modern dress fits the 13" Effner Little Darling dolls.  I was surprised that she could wear it.  The dress in the photo above is an antique feedsack dress.   These photos turned out awful, but I was in a hurry and the sunlight was not cooperating. 

The pinafore is part of a Kish outfit for 12 inch dolls.  It fits her well, but the dress that came with the pinafore has too tight elastic in the arms.  The pinafore is a little longer than I'd like it to be, so I am considering hemming it a little to show a bit more of the pretty feedsack fabric.  It has a row of lace at the bottom too, so I will have to remove it as well.   Shoes are something else to think about in the near future.

Just because........another photo of her beautiful face and hair.   I am completely smitten with her.  

In other news, my granddaughter broke her leg this past Sunday.  She was playing on a slip & slide.  As you can imagine, she is in a lot of pain and not having much fun.   We should know this Monday afternoon if she will have to have surgery or not.  We are praying not.  She has been through so much already, but know this could have been much worse.   Please join me in praying for her complete healing and less pain.  Thank you in advance!

I hope you all are well.  Blessings to you!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lili From Lalinda

I hope this finds everyone doing well.  This summer has proven to be very busy so far.  Some good and some not-so-good.  We all need to experience bumps in the road from time to time so we can truly be grateful for the good things.

As promised, I have another sweet doll to share with you.  Sorry to keep everybody waiting!  This one was also made by Lalinda.   Chatting with the maker a few weeks ago, she told me that she felt Lili is her best work so far.  That makes her even more special to me.  She has a sculpted face and is so much like a real little girl.
These first few photos are the artist's photos.  I know hers are so much better than mine.   After Lili was here for a few days, I added a middle name for her.   So please meet Lili Olive.
Isn't she adorable?   She is a nice huggable size.  She is 17 inches tall with straight brownish-red mohair weft hair and stuffed with clean carded sheep's wool.  Her eyes are dark brown.  She is made in the Waldorf Tradition.  The artist made her and all of her clothing, handbag, shoes and socks.   Her hair looks more red in person.
How cute she is in piggy tails!  I love everything about her.  So far, I have easily found her a few more outfits.  It's always fun to be able to find new outfits for my dolls.
Here she is at home.  It seems that every doll I acquire gets their first home photos on my bed.

I have purchased a few others (over time) that just didn't fit in, so they moved to other homes.  I also recently had a not-so-nice experience with a dishonest seller, but thankfully has been resolved.   Lesson learned!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my newest addition.   A few other dolls have moved on and a couple more new ones are coming soon.   I will try not to wait so long before my next post. 

Until next time......blessings!