Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hitty Button

Do you ever just pine away for something new?   I think it happens to the best of us.  I was doing that very thing when I got a small, unexpected package in the mail.  It was from a dear friend and a total surprise. Inside was a tiny Resin Half-Pint Hitty by Sara Cole!
What a precious gift!  My dear friend Barb sent her wearing this sweet little crocheted dress.  She also painted her, which makes her even more special. She is so sweet and so tiny, only 2.75 inches tall.  I named her Hitty Button.  She will be my traveling doll.  I got her a small suitcase, so she can ride in my purse without getting damaged, and hopefully it will help keep her from getting lost.
I altered a tiny BJD dress to fit her until I can get her another dress.  I think this style is more “Hitty-like” than the other one.  I’m looking forward to taking her places in the future.  I also hope to add to her wardrobe.
She will live with Hitty Jane in her shelf room.  Hitty Jane loves her new little friend.  This photo shows how tiny Hitty Button is.
Dolly friends are the very best!  Thank you, Barb!

Great friends are some of life's best blessings!

A Christmas Post From the Past

Taken from my old blog.  December 2015

December has been an eventful month!  With all the gift buying & decorating, it has been quite busy.
My sweet hubby bought me a little Polly Shorrock wooden doll for an early Christmas present.   She was still sealed in the package with everything to make her a dress and unders, as well as elastic for stringing her together. She dates from around 1960 & everything looked brand new except where the parts were taped to the card in the package, had turned yellow with age. Luckily the marks were not too deep and sanded off easily.
Here she is all finished.  The face was already painted as well as the hair, but I did embellish the hair with tiny curls and touched up her eyebrows a bit.   I sanded the cup-shaped hands and also shaped the feet and painted on slippers and socks.  I gave her an aged look because the wood looked too new.
If you look at the joints, you will see that I did not use the elastic to string her together.  Instead I went to the hardware store about bought the smallest eye-bolts I could find.  Some of the pre-drilled holes were not even so I filled them with putty.   I had to put her together differently anyway.  I used a small nail to carefully make pilot holes for the screw ends.  I had to plan out the direction of each little circle so the limbs would hang in the right way.  I also had to open four of the circles so I could slip on the others to attach them.  Then I carefully closed the circles with needle-nose pliers.  It may sound hard, but it really wasn’t.  These joints will last almost forever.
I named her Tess and love her.   A sweet friend has made her a dress and we are waiting for it’s arrival.
Last week, I was looking at one of the larger 12 inch Polly Shorrock dolls on ebay.   I have tried many times over the years to get one, but always got outbid.  This time, I had some help bidding.   At the end of the auction I won!   She is an extra special gift.   She arrived yesterday afternoon (on Sunday!).  We were so surprised to get a package on a Sunday.  Inside was my dream Polly Shorrock doll!   She is even prettier in person. There is something so special about wooden dolls.  They are among my favorites.   I decided to name her Hazel.
Doesn’t she have a sweet face?   She has a wooden bun on the back of her head, with some simple carving on it.    She came in some old clothes that are soaking.  The same friend who made a dress for Tess has also made one for Hazel.
Here are Hazel and Tess side by side.   I’m so glad I used the metal eye bolts for Tess.  Hazel was jointed the exact way many years ago.  I’m thrilled to have them both!
I will add new photos when their pretty dresses arrive.
I hope this entire month has been wonderful for all of you out there in Blogland.   All of us have so much to be thankful for, especially for the most precious gift of Jesus.   As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord…..and say Merry Christmas!

Blessings to one and all!

Rowan, a Dear Gift

Part one
I have been quite busy lately, but still enjoying my dolly world whenever possible.  In between everything else, I have been downsizing my doll stuff again.  Mostly to make more room, and to add a few things I like more.   And sometimes they just seem to appear!  
A sweet friend gifted me a beautiful Madame Alexander Wooden Wendykin doll.  I have wanted one for the longest time, but never bought one.  We were chatting about dolls and I mentioned wanting one someday.  I had forgotten that she had one awhile back but thought she had sold it.   She said she had removed her hair and tried different wigs on her but never bonded with her and didn’t really like her face.  So she sent her to me!  How wonderful is that!?!
She is made entirely of wood and is multi-jointed.  She has eleven points of articulation, so posing is fun. Her range of motion is not as good as resin BJDs, but she is still pretty awesome.   Her face is hand painted.
She arrived just yesterday and I adore her already!   I removed a wig from an older MA doll and put it on her.  It is a tight fit, and has stayed on so far.  And she looks so cute in it!  My initial plans were to lighten her lip paint and make her some clay hair to resemble carved wood like I have done with two of my other wooden dolls.  That may happen in time, but right now I am loving her in this red 
She told me her name right away, Rowan.  So it's a good think I named her that.  Rowan is Irish for red-haired

I had fun dressing her in pretty little dresses.  I think she will be quite spoiled living here. She is very close in size to the other Madame Alexander 8 inch dolls, but her feet a little smaller.   She can still wear the same size shoes, but they work better with socks.   The clothes fit well, which is great.   I can’t wait to see her in blue jeans and sneakers.
Part Two
I made a few changes......Change is a good thing most of the time.  It seems like things in my dolly world change on a regular basis. Sometimes small changes make a big difference and other times, they are subtle while still being meaningful.
I mentioned in my last post about a friend gifting me her Madame Alexander Woodkin doll, that I named Rowan.   She has had some minor changes since I lasted blogged here.  I sanded the lines around her mouth and nose ever so gently.  The wood she is made of is very hard, so I didn’t sand as much as I wanted.   Power tools may have caused more harm than good, so I decided to stop before I ruined her. I also lightened her dark red lips.  I carefully removed the dust from sanding, repainted her lips & blush and then sealed her.   If the wood had been given a stain before she was initially painted, I could not have done anything as matching the stain would have been a major undertaking.  So I really took a huge gamble and prayed I was not making a big mistake.  I was very, very blessed to pull this off.  I think she looks more like a little girl now, which is what I wanted.
Below are before and after pics.
                        Rowan Before
                       Rowan After
I think she looks better, even though the changes are subtle.
Thank you, Michelle for your very thoughtful gift.  Rowan will always be loved!
Well. it’s that time again.  Things to do and people to see.  May your days be happy & blessed!
Until next time……..

Woody Ann & Wrinkles

A few years ago, I bought myself a Madame Alexander Woodkin Raggedy Ann.  I loved her, but after awhile I let a friend adopt her.  I wouldn’t admit it then, but I missed her. Time marches on and new interests kept me busy and helped ease the feeling of loss for her.   This is a photo of the first one I had.
MA Woodkin Ships Ahoy Raggedy Ann (6)
She is one of the 95th Anniversary dolls designed by Robert Raikes for Madame Alexander.  She was actually my second choice, because I wanted the other one but couldn’t find one.  So when I did find one a few months ago, and for a great price, I nabbed it!
She came in the 95th Anniversary dress.  Only being here a couple of days, I was itching to try something. Backtracking a bit here…..
I had done an experiment using paper clay to make another wooden doll a new wig that would be better for the doll.  I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but she turned out pretty well.   She is also a Robert Raikes doll, formerly known as “Hope.” Her name now is Greta. This is how she turned out.

So my little Raggedy would undergo the same process.  I knew if I didn’t like it, I could take it off and re-glue her yarn wig back on.   Here are a few photos of her transformation.
It took me several days to paint the “wig” and touch up all the tiny little spots I missed the first time.  And when I was done, I just wasn’t sure if I liked it or not.  It was a LOT of work to do this, so I decided to think about it a couple of days before removing it.
Some thought I had lost my mind to change such a collectible doll and I had so many doubts too.  After a long sleepless night, I had decided to remove it.  That morning, I did my chores and then picked her up and looked at her.  All of my doubts melted away.  She felt right and her smiling face made me love her all over again.  So WOODY ANN was born!  I love her more and more each day.  And because I had also changed her name, I found a different dress for her to wear.  It’s a Madame Alexander doll dress, so it’s perfect for her.
I had put this doll through quite a bit, so I wanted to do something nice for her.  My other Woodkin Raggedy had a little camel with wrinkled knees.  It was brown and so cute.  I began searching for another one for Woody Ann, but not a brown one to be found.  Then I finally found a little blue one.   I think Woody Ann is quite pleased with Wrinkles.
So please meet my one-of-a-kind Woody Ann & her pet camel, Wrinkles!
Until next time, be blessed!

Hitty Jane

Hitty Jane has been with me longer than any other doll I currently have.  On my old blogspot blog, I posted about her a lot. Too bad it got hacked and then I had nothing but problems with it.  That’s what led me to create a new blog.
Anyway, I have had a few Hitty dolls, but I never connected with them until I bought one of Gustav Trullet’s carved Hitty dolls. He lives in Argentina, so I was a little wary of buying from him.  Then I made a good friend who had ordered from him many times and always got exactly what she ordered. So I bit the bullet and did it.
Hitty 001 (2)Hitty 005 (2)
Hitty Jane arrived in mid September 2012.  She was only carved and partially assembled.  The painting was up to me and I was so nervous!  I had to do a little bit of sanding, and then I started painting her.  I did a very basic job.  I’m not an artist, so I left well enough alone.
Hitty 017Hitty 015
Hitty 013
The Hitty I read about was not a new doll.  I didn’t want mine to look brand new either, so I gave her an aged appearance. This was so much fun.  It made her seem to come “alive.”  I am so pleased with how she turned out.
Hitty 023
She was the first of my dolls to have her own room (on a shelf).  If I had more space, she would have an entire house!
Her bed is a wonderful antique find.  It is a “whale tale” bed and the bedding came with it and is old.  The chair is also an antique, but newer than the bed.  The little hutch is antique and filled with miniature Pfaltzgraff pottery made by a friend. The Grandfather clock, bed side chest of drawers and dress form are reproductions.  The rug by the bed was made by an Etsy seller.
You may have already figured this out, but I am very fond of wooden dolls.  Hitty Jane is one of my all-time favorites.
Blessings to you!

Busy, Busy!

I hope you all are doing well.  We are all fine, but busy.  I wanted to share a few things while I have the time to do so.

The only thing better than having this sweet dolly bed is having the space to display it properly.

The Making of Hattie

Part One
I have taken on a project.  I love wooden dolls, old & new.  Have you heard of Gail Wilson?  She is a wonderful artist who specializes in cloth and wooden dolls, as well as their accessories.  Some of her dolls are reproductions of antique dolls.  If you do a google search using her name, you will find her website of gorgeous, primitive things.   Her items are a bit on the pricey side, but she does have sales once in awhile.  I have admired her things for several years without purchasing anything.  She has been having a sale and I finally made my mind up to order one of her doll kits.  I would have much rather bought a finished doll, but I would have had to take out a loan for the one I wanted!
I love the old Joel Ellis and Mason Taylor jointed wood dolls, also known and the Springfield Woodens.   The kits for these dolls are discontinued in the 12 inch size, and on sale, although she is close to being sold out of them.   She had only one left the last time I looked.  Anyway, I managed to get one and it includes lots of extras.   Because I don’t sew very well, I also purchased a finished dress and a dress form.
The photo above shows the doll I am making on the far left, and antique dolls in the other two photos.   So far, I have shaped the body blank, which was a rough cut blank, very rough!   Not only was it rough, it was larger on one side than the other, so I had to really work with it to get it close to being symmetrical.  For my first time doing something like this, I think I did okay.   I wish I had taken a before photo!  I believe this was intentional to help teach beginners a few lessons in carving & sanding.
Here’s my body blank all shaped and sanded smooth.  So far, this is all I have had time to do.  I hope to get more done on it very soon.   The beautiful head was painted by Gail Wilson for free as an incentive to sell the remaining kits.   That was a deciding factor in me purchasing the kit.
I admit that when I opened the box and saw all the little pieces, I was completely overwhelmed!   And truthfully, I still am, although I have read all the directions several times.  At least now I better understand everything that has to be done, and it’s a long list!   This is one of those things you have to tackle one bite at a time!  I know it will be worth it in the end.
Here’s the dress form, dress and undies set.   Isn’t the dress pretty?   I love the period correct details.   Joel Ellis was so proud of the beauty of his dolls and their wonderful joints that he didn’t like to see them wearing clothes.   But I’m sure parents who bought these dolls for their little girls wanted them properly dressed.
So now you can see what I will be doing for the next few weeks.  I was hoping it wouldn’t take too long to finish it, but I’m afraid it will take me quite awhile.  Hubby is going to help me drill the tiny holes for pegging the arms & legs.   Please wish me well with this.  I thank you in advance!

Part Two
Hi Friends!   I hope you all are well.  I wanted to give an update on the doll kit I have been working on.   And I do mean work! She was a LOT of work, with many, many steps, but so worth it.
Here, all the parts have been shaped & sanded.  I did a test fit to make sure the joints would bend properly before staining, painting, antiquing & attaching permanently.   I had to do this several times before it was good enough, but finally did it.
She passed the “sit test.”  These dolls do not work well with stands, so they must be able to sit properly.
Just showing the stain drying.  After that, the painted areas had to be done and then varnished & sealed.  My little doll closet hanger thingy worked great for this.  The hooks are opened paperclips.
The pewter hands & feet also had to get several coats of paint and varnish & sealer, as well as antiquing.
Here she is all put together, pegged and head attached.
Showing that she does indeed sit well.
Wearing her pretty unders.  I purchased these, her dress and dress form already made (for those who have not read my last blog entry).
And now at last, all dressed in her pretty dress and sitting in a chair that is too big for her.   Finding a chair the right size is my next mission, but this will do for now.
Please meet Hattie!  Maybe she will get another dress to display on her dress form soon.
After all the hard work and doubt of ever finishing, I am very proud that I did actually complete her.   Not sure if I will ever take on anything else like this again, but glad for this experience.  I really love my new doll and I hope she will hold special meaning for my family knowing that I made her.

Be blessed!

Dolly Size Pfaltzgraff Folk Art Pottery

I have been collecting and using Pfaltzgraff Folk Art pottery for several years.  I love the handmade primitive look and feel of it.  It’s heavy & durable and seems to be a perfect fit in our home.
I belong to a forum with others who also collect the same pattern, as well as other Pfaltzgraff patterns.  One of the members there is quite an artist.  She has made lots of miniature pieces, painted personalized plates & platters for other members, etc. She also painted some miniatures for me and I love them!
Just for comparison, the photo on the right is my real antique hutch with part of my collection on it.  I have added a few pieces since this was taken.  We use it every day.
Aren’t the minis adorable?   The little antique china hutch is just under five inches tall, so that gives you an idea of how small these little wonders are.   Simply incredible!   They match my pottery perfectly.   Thank you, Christine!
For lack of a better place, I have decided to put the hutch in Hitty Jane’s room.  I think they will be safer there until I can find a better spot for them.   Even Hitty Jane’s room is a larger scale than the hutch, but it still looks cute in there.
What a blessing to have friends who can do such marvelous things!
Until next time……..blessings to you!

Ginger Brook Hollow Dolls

As I am putting info together about my doll collecting, I am taking posts from my old blog and adding them here so they will be all in one place. 

I first learned about this doll line through a friend and placed my first order in May 2010.  I was very blessed to actually complete this collection in a couple of years and have enjoyed it very much.   I did not get every single item, but almost!  Over time, I collected all of the dolls in this line, most of the available outfits & shoes and the books, as well as some other items.  It took time, but it was time well spent.  This collection will remain in my family and will belong to  my granddaughter one day.  We have spent many hours together sharing this collection and adding our own homemade items.
Anyone who would like to know more about this wonderful doll line can visit
I do have lots of photos to share.  Choosing favorites will not be easy.
This photo is of all the GBH family, including Grandma Sunday and Creampuff the cat.  Top (L-R) – April, Suzannah & Johannah (the twins).  Middle row (L-R) – Kathryn, Creampuff & Grandma Sunday.  Bottom row (L-R) – Louisa, Emmaline & Meg.  (Please note:  The little mice pictured with Creampuff the cat are not part of the GBH line.)
GBH 003
The dolls were made in two sizes.  The photo above shows the 17 inch dolls.  Grandma Sunday is 22 inches tall and in perfect scale to the girls.   She is the only doll this size in the collection.  The seven orphan girls also came in an 8 inch size, called the Dream Dolls.   The Dream Dolls were dressed in outfits according to what each girl dreamed to be when she grew up.  The 17 inch girls came in their gray school jumper and white under dress.   Both doll sizes had other dresses, shoes, pinafores and accessories to purchase.
This is my collection of all the dolls in both sizes and Grandma Sunday too.   The little 8 inch girls are wearing their school jumpers & white under dresses that I purchased separately for them with prize money I won from one of the contests.  I thought it would be fun for them to match the larger dolls.  The clothing for this doll line is amazing in detail and quality.
GBH 002
This photos shows some of the dresses and pinafores for the big girls.   See their pretty t-strap style shoes?
GBH 004
And this photo shows the special pinafore dresses that Grandma Sunday made for them in the stories.   Notice the white dressy shoes that were made for these pretty outfits.
GBH 012
More of the dresses and pinafores.  I included this photo to show the pretty boots.   The boots came with them and are part of the “meet” outfit with the gray jumpers and white under dresses.   I think they are great with these dresses too and are my personal favorites.
I couldn’t find a photo of all the little girls with the Dream Dresses, so I am borrowing one from the GBH website.  I don’t think Cheri will mind.  Isn’t this a wonderful photo?
original_trunk_and_bed   original_bedding   original_mirror_and_brush_set
I also have the camelback trunk with bed and bedding set.   It’s a wonderful piece and will hold a lot of accessories.   These photos are also from the website as I couldn’t find any photos that would show them off well enough. I also included the brush & mirror set.
GBH 003    GBH 008   GBH 014
And let me tell you about Grandma Sunday…She is gorgeous!  She comes with her beautiful two-piece wool suit, including fabulous unders, a corset, a hat and high-button boots.  She is by far the prettiest “grandma” doll I have ever seen.
This is truly one of the nicest doll lines I have ever known of.  The stories are set in the Victorian era and are wonderful and heartwarming.  The dolls and clothing are wonderfully made, each girls’ character is different.  Each doll’s face sculpt is different.  The twins share the same face sculpt, and both have a sprinkling of freckles, but they are not at all done the same way.  Even the hand sculpting is not the exact same on the various dolls.   And one of the most fun aspects of this doll line is the interactive website and the very special lady that created all of this, Cheri Lynn Maude.
Sadly, the 17 inch dolls are no longer available unless you find them on Ebay or some other re-sale market.   The amount of these dolls made is a low number also, so they are limited and not ordinary by any means.   In my humble opinion, this doll line is really a treasure.   And they are treasured by my family.
I leave you with a few of my favorite photos.
GBH 004   GBH 001   GBH 004
I hope you enjoyed learning about this special doll line.
Be well & be blessed!