Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Day in the Life of Violet

Today has been a typical day.  I had computer work to do and lots of phone calls to make.   My computer and desk are in my bedroom, so Violet quietly played on the bed while I worked.  She is such a good girl.
A little later,  I heard her whispering to Dotty and making pans to do something special.  No telling what it might be.  Little girls can come up with some crazy ideas at times.
 Maybe she plans to pick up her toys by herself to surprise me? 
Oh!  They decided to play beauty parlor!  Why didn't I think of that?  Even little Dotty had a slight make-over.
The next time I glanced over, I noticed Violet was deep in thought.  I wonder what she could be daydreaming about? 
After a little while, she climbed up on my desk to keep me company.  She was quite chatty, but I didn't mind.  She helped the day go by faster and made it more enjoyable.

Violet is definitely a Dolly Blessing!


AuntLou said...

Aww! Such a darling dolly blessing! :)

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Aunt Lou! :o)