Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Little Cloth Doll by Jane Davies

Remember the little cloth doll my sweet friend sent to me awhile back?  She was made by Jane Davies.  I adopted another one of these dolls.  I found her on ebay and I got her for a great price.  Getting a bargain is almost as fun as getting a new doll.

This is Madelaine.  We are calling her Maddie for short.  Isn't she cute?   I love her sweet little face!  I have changed her into a play dress.   I also trimmed her hair and removed a bow on one side.  The other bow had her hair pulled back behind her ear and did not match the other side at all.  Her hair was just long enough to bunch up around the top of her dress.  So a few snips, taking out the bow and some gentle smoothing and she's perfect. 
She is a little sweetheart and Mouse is so happy to have a little friend her size.   My granddaughter is in love with these little dolls.  She is drawn to small dolls and tiny little accessories, like her Grammy.  We have the best time playing together.  It's so important to make good memories for her and the rest of my family while I can. 
Here they are together.   Their face sculpts are very different, but yet they still look cute together.  I am keeping an eye out for possibly a third.  Wouldn't that be sweet?

I know I am truly blessed in general.  God is so good and loves us so much.  Being blessed with things we enjoy is extra special.  Thank you, sweet Lord!

May your days be filled with blessings as well!


Angela said...

Oh, I just love these little dolls! I had never heard of them before you, so now I'm inclined to want to keep my eyes open for one, too. Maybe at the next doll show!

Dolly Blessings said...

Thank you! I hope you find one. They are really sweet. :o)

AuntLou said...

Aww! :) I, too, love tiny dolls and accessories, props, too.

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Aunt Lou! :o)