Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dolls Need Dolls Too

Hi!  I hope this finds everyone happy and well.

I feel myself getting behind with blogging again, but life needs more of my attention than blogging these days.  My granddaughter started junior high over a week ago.  New school, new busing schedule, etc, etc.  Lots of little details to handle, but joyfully done.   She is a doll collector already, which pleases me very much.

On the subject of your dolls have dolls of their own?   I think it's quite fun when dolls have their own special dolls and toys to play with.   Right before Sybil got home, I bought one of Sue Sizemore's little cloth Hitty dolls.  I have admired her dolls for quite some time and was happy to finally get one.

Isn't she lovely? This photo does not do her justice at all.  She is beautifully painted.   I decided to name her Hitty Sue, after her creator.   She arrived two days before Sybil on July 22, 2017.

Apparently Sybil likes her a lot.  Hitty Sue has become Sybil's own doll.   Hitty Sue borrowed one of Hitty Jane's dresses to almost match Sybil's pretty blue dress.   They look so sweet together.

Now Charlotte could not be left out.  I had just the perfect doll for her as well.  An 8 inch wooden Polly Shorrock doll I made from a kit awhile back.   I named her Tess.   Charlotte is pleased that Tess is wearing red.  Tess has lived here since December 4, 2015 and was an early Christmas present from my hubby that year.

Most recently two more little ones have come to live here.  Awhile back, one of my best dolly friends surprised me with a little cloth doll made by Jane Davies.  Soon after, I found another one and bought it.  My granddaughter loves these dolls very much, so I found another one just for her.  Last week, I spied two more one ebay and the price was too good to pass up.  So now we have a small group of these sweet dolls.

I re-dressed the first two.  Their original outfits are nice, but the sleeves are too long, which bothers me.   The one in the middle is a limited edition and she is wearing her original clothes and shoes.  Her dress & coat fit her much better than the other's.  We are waiting for two new dresses for the two on each end.  They are about six inches tall, have mohair wigs, and are jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips.  Left to Right, Millie, Mouse, Julia, Maddie and Livie.   Mouse is the one my friend sent to me.

So that's about it in my dolly world for now.  What's going on in your neck of the woods?

I hope to be back soon, as time permits.  Be blessed everybody!


Serenata said...

Such sweet dolls for your dolls. Those little cloth dolls at the end are lovely as well. Not seen anything like those before.

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Lorraine! I had never even heard of those little cloth dolls until my friend sent me the first one. They can sometimes be found under Deb Canham's (The World of Miniature Bears) name too because she is Jane Davies' sister. :o)

Beth said...

Your doll's dolls are all delightful! Even your header picture shows Hitty with her own dolls :-)

And on a separate subject, it looks like you are a Jane Austen devotee as well!

Have a lovely day,



Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Beth! :o)

And yes, I love Jane Austen! :o)

Simply Shelley said...

I love all your wonderful dolls. How fun that your granddaughter is a collector to.

Dolly Blessings said...

Thank you, Shelly! My granddaughter is the joy of my life and my "partner in crime" when it comes to dolls. :o)

Jan Conwell said...

I am a firm believer in Doll's Dolls. Even Doll's Doll's Dolls! :~P Your collection of tiny ones is so sweet--and I'm glad Sybil has one.

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks, Jan! It is so much fun to spoil my dolls. :o)