Friday, September 15, 2017

She Was Supposed to Leave

I mentioned a few posts back about falling in love with the Wichtel dolls (pronounced "Wish-Tell"). I introduced Lexie, a doll made by Schildkrot for Rosemarie Muller, the creator of these dolls. She is the little redhead that I changed the eyes and wig on.  She was the only one I planned to keep after buying three in a very short period.  It was just too much, too fast.  The first one I sold, practically flew out the door!

Anyway, the doll above is Pia, an original handmade Wichtel doll made by Rosemarie Muller and her husband. I love her joyous face, but had decided to let her move on.  She was the most expensive and I really only needed one.  Well.....try as I might, her ebay listings had watchers, but no one bought her.  After several weeks of trying to find her a new home, I just decided to take her out of her box, just to make sure she was still okay in there.

Then I had an idea!  I decided to change her wig.  I liked her brown hair, but I thought maybe a change would be good.  So I tried a pale blonde wig I already had on her.  The light color brightened up her face and highlighted her eyes so much!   The wig did not exactly fit, so I found one I liked and ordered it.   When it arrived, I was very disappointed because the bangs looked like someone had chopped them.  But I decided to try it on for size, and to my amazement, it was PERFECT for her, chopped bangs and all!

Look how sweet she is now!  My plan was still to sell her, but now I don't know if I can.  Her short hair really becomes her and the color is amazing on her.  So for now, she will stay here with me until further notice.
Lexie is happy for Pia to be out of that box and back on the shelf with her.  Most days they are on my desk because I enjoy them so much.  They make me smile and tug on my heartstrings.

Changing the subject.....I hope everyone is okay after Hurricane Irma battered the southeast.   We got our share of her visiting us and thankfully she had lost strength by the time she got here.  Our yard is still a mess, but our power was restored pretty fast, compared to the last hurricane that came through here.

I have been praying for all affected by Irma, as well as Harvey, and all the other disasters going on in the world.  These are very difficult times for so many.   Please join me in prayer, and if you are able, please help by donating or giving a helping hand to those in need.

Sometimes we need to be a blessing to others, and in return, we too will be blessed.


Jan Conwell said...

What a little darling! So glad you are safe and not too much harm done...

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Jan! Pia is blushing. :o) Yes, we were very blessed not to have so much damage.

Brenda Savage said...

What a sweet pair. I am sure they would brighten anyone's day. Glad you did not get too damage from the storm and all was safe.

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Brenda! These two make me smile every day. :o) We were definitely blessed to get through the hurricane without damage.