Friday, July 29, 2016

Martine Has New Arms!

The search for better arms for Martine is over!   And it didn't take as long as I thought.  I was browsing ebay, and saw one of those resin dolls that are made to look like antique wooden dolls.   It was being sold as a "wooden" doll, but I knew it wasn't.  It was the right size and the arms looked like carved wood.  So yes, I scavenged the dolls arms from the doll.  But no worries, the rest of the doll will not go to waste.   The head will be saved for another project later on and the the body will be turned into a dress form manikin for my granddaughter. 

Once the arms were removed, I had to strip the paint off and repaint them.  It's hard to see in the photos, but the arms have the long carving marks very similar to the rest of her body.   They were also attached in a way that would work with Martine's body.  The elbows are not jointed like originals would be, but that's okay.  I may not ever find another pair that would look and fit better than these.  Yes, I think these resin/faux wood arms will work out just fine.   I'm pleased and I think Martine is as well.

 **My granddaughter is doing better.  The doctor said as long as she is careful the next four weeks, she will not need surgery.  She now has a hard cast and can move around a bit more.  Continued prayers for her are greatly appreciated. 

Today would have been my sweet Mama's 80th birthday.  I'm sure she is having the most wonderful celebration with Jesus and our other family that are in Heaven with her.   I rejoice knowing she is there, but still sad because I love and miss her so very much.  

Have a great weekend and Blessings to everybody!


Beth said...

Hi Carolyn! Thank you so much for visiting, and now it is my turn :-) I'm so sorry to hear your Granddaughter broke her leg; no fun at all. I broke mine 14 years ago riding a bike. It is as good as new, but waiting for the healing is a trial. Your Granddaughter is in my heart and prayers.

I see you love all the same Jane Austen movies that I do :-) Another excellent Persuasion stars Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds. In fact, I'm in the midst of re-reading all of her books. Next up, Mansfield Park.

Thank you for the link to your blog; now I can follow here as well as Flickr,



Dolly Blessings said...

Hi Beth! Thank you for visiting me! :o)

I love Jane Austen but have read only a few of the books. I adore the movies. Persuasion is one of my favorites. I wish I had more time to read. When I do, I can hardly stop! That can create problems when you have so many responsibilities. :o)

Thank you for your prayers for my granddaughter. She is so tired of the cast, but who could blame her?


Angela said...

Martine looks very proper with her new arms. Nobody would know they weren't her original ones if you didn't say!

AuntLou said...

You gave Martine a nice looking substitute. :)

I am sorry and glad for your granddaughter. Sorry she's going this. Glad for no surgery. :)

My mother's 86th birthday would have been a couple of weeks ago. <3

Dolly Blessings said...

Thank you, Angela!

And thank you, Aunt Lou! Sending you a big hug. I know you miss your Mama as much as I miss mine.