Saturday, August 6, 2016


This is my newest little one.  Her name is Matilde and made by Little Jenny Wren.  She is a new type of Jenny's doll called Matilda dolls.   Tildy is 17 inches tall and there is a 15 inch version of this type doll as well.  I'm calling her Tildy for short, just because we know lots of other dolls named Matilda and other versions of it.  We even have a little knitted mouse named Tilly Mouse.  

The photo above is from the artist.  It's the photo that stole my heart, back in April of this year.  But she was adopted by someone else at that time.   I'm so happy that she has come to live with me.   What a sweet blessing!

Here she is at our house.   I was very happy that she still has her special wrist tags.  They are very sweet and I love saving things like that.  

Tildy was a little shy at first, but soon made herself at home.   She has also made many new friends here.  The giggling hasn't stopped since she arrived.

She loves to play and tumble around on the floor and the bed.   She was getting so rambunctious that I had to go ahead and take her wrist tags off.

Well, that's better!   She also loves to climb.  The higher the better!

And she is not afraid to look down.  She says she likes how everything looks small when she is up high.

Climbing trees is her favorite.   She thinks this is the best climbing tree ever.   Be careful up there!

She also loves to swing, the higher and faster, the better!

Tildy also likes to be tossed in the air, but I'm not so sure that I like that idea very much at all.

When it started to get hot, we came inside and she chose her favorite little friend to play with, Tilly Mouse.  Then she climbed up on my desk to keep me company for a bit.

What a sweet little spunky companion she is.  She is as happy at a tea party as she is in a tree.  She is the perfect balance of everything wonderful about little girls.

A very special little girl will turn twelve in October (my granddaughter).  I have lots of things planned for her.   In my world, she is the most special little girl ever!   She is growing up much too fast.  Sometimes I wish she could stay little, but I know the Lord has plans for her life, just as He does for all of us.  She will start school this coming Wednesday.  I hope her leg will not bother her too much while she is in school.   Walking on crutches for a couple more weeks is going to be tough.   Asking for continued prayers for her and I thank you in advance.
Blessings everybody!  


Angela said...

Another adorable doll in your collection! Tildy is so sweet. And I love her name!

Dolly Blessings said...

Thank you, Angela! :o)

AuntLou said...

Tildy is a cute little tomboy! Prayed for your granddaughter. :)

Dolly Blessings said...

Thanks Aunt Lou! Especially for your prayers. :o)