Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dolly Size Pfaltzgraff Folk Art Pottery

I have been collecting and using Pfaltzgraff Folk Art pottery for several years.  I love the handmade primitive look and feel of it.  It’s heavy & durable and seems to be a perfect fit in our home.
I belong to a forum with others who also collect the same pattern, as well as other Pfaltzgraff patterns.  One of the members there is quite an artist.  She has made lots of miniature pieces, painted personalized plates & platters for other members, etc. She also painted some miniatures for me and I love them!
Just for comparison, the photo on the right is my real antique hutch with part of my collection on it.  I have added a few pieces since this was taken.  We use it every day.
Aren’t the minis adorable?   The little antique china hutch is just under five inches tall, so that gives you an idea of how small these little wonders are.   Simply incredible!   They match my pottery perfectly.   Thank you, Christine!
For lack of a better place, I have decided to put the hutch in Hitty Jane’s room.  I think they will be safer there until I can find a better spot for them.   Even Hitty Jane’s room is a larger scale than the hutch, but it still looks cute in there.
What a blessing to have friends who can do such marvelous things!
Until next time……..blessings to you!

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